Time  6 hours 8 minutes

Coordinates 1074

Uploaded March 30, 2017

Recorded July 2015

3,216 ft
-37 ft
5.81 mi

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near Agía Rouméli, Crete (Greece)

The ascent route follows the path. It starts behind the Panagia, joins the path coming from Palea Agia Roumeli a little inside Samaria, and then reaches the Turkish fort. From here it enters a beautiful forest, where one is also comforted by shadow. The last two hundred of ascent meters are carried out on an open slope replete of thyme bushes.
On the broad summit the view opens on the Klados gorge, and on the two ridges, the one ascending from the Papoures, the other one from Katsaromoura - Kokkinavari, joining at the Psiristra.
The descent route does not follows any path. Rather, it keeps the south ridge of the mountain, with no difficulty, except for a less comfortable steep step before a little rock nose - the latter being marked as a waypoint. Little below the nose, one reaches the classical E4 coastal path, which comes from Domata beach, and in this stretch runs rather high on the mountain flank. The last stretch is very panoramic on Agia Roumeli and the whole coast around Agios Pavlos. As final bonus there is the crossing of a characteristic rock arch.

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Agia Roumeli

Also the known end of the Samaria gorge trail.
Sacred architecture




Junction with the path coming from Palea Agia Roumeli.

Turkish fort

The most beautiful spot of the ascent.

Thyme flank



For its modest height, a rewarding summit.

South ridge

A very panoramic and pleasant walk, although on no path.

Rock nose

Unique notable feature on the otherwise absolutely smooth south ridge.

Junction with E4

At this point it will be a pleasure to find again a comfortable path...

View on Agia Roumeli

A little saddle at the top of a series of switchbacks.

Rock arch

A remarkable moment on the coastal E4 path.

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