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near Água Formosa, Castelo Branco (Portugal)

Walk PR4 from the Vila de Rei camara (council) website.

Agua Formosa is a quaint little village straddling the banks of the Galega river with narrow cobbled streets between the houses. To call them streets is probably generous as whilst they would have been adequate in the days of donkeys they are too narrow today for modern cars, as such the village is traffic free. The route whilst primarily circular in nature does involve a linear section out of the village that is re-used on the return. It follow the Galega river on this linear section before reaching the circular 'forest' part of the trail which commences where the Valada river joins the Galega river. The eastern section of this circular part follows the Valada river where there are numerous mill ruins to explore.

This area, like so many others in Central Portugal, suffered badly during the fires of 2017, the scars of which are still visible on the landscape. The post fire clean-up is still in progress (January 2019) with the sounds of chainsaws being heard, forest detritus littering the ground and plantations of young new trees being created. One of the disadvantages of these clean-up/re-planting operations is the route to be taken after the first crossing of the Valada river is not very clear. Where to cross this river is clear thanks to the new bridges provided for this purpose by Vila de Rei council.

Despite some problems in identifying the exact route to be taken near the Valada river this trail makes a pleasant day out, If you're lucky you might even catch sight of a Kingfisher or a Red Squirrel which frequent the locality.

Parking & start

Parking is quite limited but some spaces are shaded, there is a local area information board near these spaces.


Walking the circular section clockwise this is the first crossing of the Valada river, it is from this point onwards the path becomes less clear. Before stepping off the bridge look upwards on the embankment and you will see a finger-post for the route, make your way up the bank to it.
Bus stop

Bus stop

When you reach the bus stop in Vilar Chao follow the road to the right then, before you reach the first house on your left, take the wide gravel track alongside it.
Wildlife sighting


There was an abundance of these damselflies along this section of the river, I think they're Southern Darters.
Wildlife sighting

Flock of Redstarts

They were very busy flitting between the olive, orange and persimmon trees.




The door into the hillside has the date 1997 above it.

Mind your head

If you're over 1.8 metres tall ....................................Duck!


A strange mix of new builds and ruins.

Route information board

About the route (with an English translation).


This appears to have been a very large mill.


Another mill albeit smaller than the first.


Another small mill.



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